3 Reasons Why You Should Have An Alexa Smart Speaker In Your Home

1.Trend analyst Gartner predicts that over 80% of US households will have voice-controlled smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod's, or Permon Zoomtak Alexa Smart Speaker by 2020 according to Inside Radio. Edison Research survey data earlier this year suggested that only 7% of U.S. households currently have a smart speaker with an embedded voice assistant which is very surprising with all the benefits smart speakers offer. If both Edison and Gartner are correct, that represents 10x growth in just four years or an 81% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Smart Speaker Prediction

2.Smart speakers are capable of performing a wide variety of different things, including answer questions, control smart home devices, set alarms, play music, and more. Each speaker has different strengths and weaknesses, but companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Permon are working hard to fill the gaps and make these speakers even smarter. Smart speakers are also very beneficial for parties and kids because they can answer trivia questions and even play tons of games. If you have an inquisitive child at home or you like to win arguments, you can just ask your voice assistant a question and get the answer immediately without typing a word or opening an app. Once you've used one, you won't want to be without it.

3.Control Smart Home Devices



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